Welcome to the Carroll County Democratic Party

The Carroll County Democratic Party welcomes any and all who respect the rights and opinions of those who hold the values of Iowa dear. The values of peace, respect, dignity, love of neighbor as yourself, the respect for religious differences, and participation in a just, fair and respectful political process.

We are proud of our respect for, and inclusion of, all people in the Democratic Party and in the democratic process of our state and nation. We reject any and all attempts to label, discriminate against, publically vilify, pass nuisance legislation against, to judge, and to in any way impede the lawful freedoms of people who hold views considered unconventional by some. The words “wrong” and “different” do not have the same meaning. It is up to each of us, in our free society, to determine our own views and opinions, free from prejudice and persecution. It is up to each of us, in our free society, to respect the rights and opinions of all.

Carroll County Democrats believe in the rights and worth of each individual. We strongly encourage people to sign up to register to vote, and to vote.



In the News!


Carroll County Democrats to hold “One Year From Today” dinner November 8th  Click Here TICKETS To Purchase tickets through ActBlue

Election Day, 2016 will take place One year from November 8, 2015. To mark the occasion, the Carroll County Democratic Party will hold a “One Year From Today” fundraising dinner on November 8th at 6 p.m. at the Swan Lake Nature Center south of Carroll.

 Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Iowa Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald, and State Senator Chaz Allen of Newton will be keynote speakers at the event. All Democratic Presidential candidates have been invited, as well as state and federal Democratic candidates.

 Tom Miller resize.jpgmike fitzgerald resize.jpgchaz allen resize.jpg

Attorney General Miller has served in office since he was first elected in 1978, except for four years (1991-94) when he was in private practice. Mr. Miller has earned a reputation for integrity, high quality legal work, and strong work on behalf of all Iowans.

Treasurer Fitzgerald serves as trustee and custodian of Iowa’s three state pension funds. In addition, he invests over three billion dollars of state operating funds. He has returned millions of dollars in lost property through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. He is the administrator of Iowa’s 529 College Savings Programs including College Savings Iowa, with over $3 billion invested.

Democratic State Senator Chaz Allen is the former Mayor of Newton and served during the time that Maytag left the city. His leadership was credited as bringing the city back through various economic development initiatives. He was elected to the Iowa Senate in 2014.

 “We want to bring Carroll area Democrats together to get fired up for the Iowa Caucuses”, said Tim Tracy, Co-Chair of the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee.

 “The 2016 elections are critical to continuing the growth and prosperity that Democrats have achieved for hard working Americans over the past seven years. We want all Democrats to share that positive message and move all of us forward through the leadership of the Democratic Party in 2016 and beyond.”

 The Carroll County Democrats held a similar dinner in 1983, featuring then presidential candidates Walter Mondale and Alan Cranston. Attorney General Miller attended that event.

 Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased through the Carroll County Democrats website – www.carrollcountydemocrats.com – or can be purchased at the door.

Carroll County Democratic Office Holders as of November 4, 2014:

                Carroll County Supervisor, District 3 – Gene Meiners

                Carroll County Supervisor, District 2 - Dean Schettler

                Carroll County Supervisor, District 4 - Marty Danzer

                Carroll County Recorder - Marilyn Dopheide

                Carroll County Treasurer, Jean Seidl

                Carroll County Auditor, Kourtney Irlbeck

                Carroll County Sheriff, Doug Bass

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Tim Tracy, Co-Chair, Carroll County Democratic Party - Email: tracyhome@hughes.net - 712-830-7669
OR Dr. Steven Kraus, Co-Chair, Carroll County Democratic Party Email: steve@kraus9.com